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GasBGon Flatulence Filter Seat Cushions
GasMedic Odor Control Products

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  Dairiair, LLC :: GasMedic Odor Control Products :: Odor Control Seat Cushions :: GasMedic Ultra 2" Cushion

  GasMedic Ultra 2" Cushion #16154
GasMedic Ultra 2" Cushion  The GasMedic Ultra flatulence odor control seat cushion is a high performance air filter designed to look and feel like a conventional seat cushion. The cushion incorporates two mufflair sound dampening filters and two activated carbon odor control filter with an equivalent surface area greater than five football fields. The seat cushion functions as a powerful passive control device to effectively muffle the sound and absorb the odor associated with flatulence. Each cushion is complete with a washable side zippered shell or cover for odor and sound filter insertion/replacement, they are lightweight (less than 1 lb) and are nominally 15 inches square and 2 inch thick and are equipped with a carrying handle. All GasMedic replaceable filter cushions, like the old Model T Ford, is available in all colors-as long as it is black. This ensures that every GasMedic customer can use our product in hundred of social settings, without fear of drawing undo public attention.

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Price: $49.95


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